In Finland, the name Loukonen is shared between two families - one that has it's roots in the Carelia, and has been around for at least 500 years or so, and another, much younger one (19th century), from Ostrobotnia. This page is dedicated to the older family - you'll find information (only in Finnish) about the younger one at

The (old) Loukonen family heritage starts in the village of Kolkkala in the Kuolemajärvi province of the Carelia. Antti Loukonen had an estate here in 1455 - a fact registered in the landowner records.

In 1571 Sweden, in order to reclaim the Älvsborg castle from Denmark, decided to enforce a special tax. In lists created for the purpose of this tax Antti Loukonen owned a cow and 10 mark worth of property; he was taxed to pay one mark. The Russians had burned several of the nearby farmers' houses during their raids, which made collecting this tax difficult for the Crown.

In the general parcelling of land in Kolkkala in 1837 the Loukonen estate measuerd 208.95 hectares. Antti's old house stayed in the possession of the Loukonens until 1944.

More information about the Loukonens can be found below.

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